William Felix Martin

William Felix “Willie” Martin

William Martin’s dad was Francis Marion “Frank” Martin, and his mom was Sarah Ann Byrd Martin.  When William was just six, his dad was killed in a cotton gin “because he was Indian” per Uncle Ron Martin’s recording (my grandfather).  His mom’s father was John Bird (changed name to Byrd to avoid being killed as Indian), was listed on Econchattimico’s village census, and became Jackson County’s first Justice of the Peace.  John Byrd was friends with William S. Pope  (Indian Agent), who handled John Bird’s estate/will.  Since women could not own land back then, Sarah Byrd Martin married George McNealy and lived at Adam McNealy’s plantation with her children (including Willie) and slaves after Frank Martin died in the cotton gin accident,  and with her mom, who had married Adam McNealy after John Byrd died, and before Sarah’s husband was killed. 

John Martin (b. Abbeville, SC; 1st road surveyor through Creek Indian Country), and well respected by local chiefs,  and also a road surveyor of Gadsden Co):  His daughter, Laura Lavinia ‘Viney’ Martin (b.5/16/1830 Monticello, FL) married John Bird, and they had Sarah ‘Sallie’ Bird, who married Francis Marion “Frank” Martin (from Abbeville, SC). 

Francis Marion “Frank” (Hunt) Martin b. 7/3/1846 in Leon Co, FL): 
His mom was Ann Martin (from SC); dad unknown.  He married Sarah Ann Bird, had my great grandfather (Francis Osceola Martin). Frank Martin died in a cotton gin about a year later.  Sarah then married George McNealy, son to Adam McNealy.  Sarah’s mom married his dad (Adam McNealy), where they all lived with their slaves (on Adam McNealy’s plantation).  Women could not own the land in the 1800’s.

1869 – Francis Marion ‘Frank’ Martin married the daughter of John Andrew Bird (Jr), Sarah Ann ‘Sallie’ Bird/Byrd b.1850, in Marianna, FL. (See John Byrd Family)
Francis M Martin and Sallie A Byrd Marriage Certificate
Francis M Martin and Sallie A Byrd Marriage Certificate
Francis Marion “Frank” Martin and Sallie Bird/Byrd had the below children:
Hattie L Martin b.1870
John Marion Martin b.1871
William “Willie” Martin b.1874
Mattie Alice Martin b.1876
Francis Osceola Martin b.1878 at Lake Iomia, FL
When Willie Martin was only 6 his dad was killed “because he was Indian” per my grandfather’s below recording.

 Ron Martin, Sr. – Indian Blood
Some of the conversation of Ron Martin, Sr.’s) recording:
“They had to eat horse feed; couldn’t have any fires that would alert
the troops”  Charlie Hall was the oldest son of Allen Hall.  “Some say
Charlie owned half of Alabama”.  Demps (Demsey) Hall went to OK, and came back and tried to get others to go.  They had stuck oil and had plenty of money.  Toward the end of the tape it says ‘it was because of Indian blood on my daddy’s side, the Martins”.  Grandpa said in a different recording that he has Indian blood on both sides of his family.  He also says that his Aunt Hattie said they had to hide in the Okefenokee Swamp, and that if they ever found out you were Indian, they would make you walk all the way to Oklahoma.

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Uncle Ron Martin, Jr Interview – Sept 2010
 1880 – At age 32, leaving his wife with the above five children, Francis Marion “Frank” Martin died from a cotton gin “wound” in September.  (US Census Mortality Schedules Index# HRT197_205378).

Francis Marion “Frank” Martin – William Martin’s-MomAndDad

Census of 1880

Willie Martin Census – 1880


Felix Martin (on his wedding day)
Robert Martin – Navy
Donald and Robert Martin


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