Margaret Alice Byrd/Marsh

Many Thanks to Cathrine Marsh Cashwell for her historical pictures and contributions. 

“I had been told she was a school teacher.  The family credits the beautiful blue eyes of the family to her.  When I asked why her husband, Marcus died in Florida at Musa Isle Indian Village in Florida,  I was told he went to Florida during the winter due to poor health caused by the Malaria he suffered and survived as a young man.  He picked up a night watchman job as a means to support himself.”   

Cathrine Marsh Cashwell, great granddaughter of Margaret Alice Byrd Marsh and Marcus L. Marsh
“Through my father’s generation, the Marsh and McQueen families had a close relationship.  My father spoke of the McQueens often. No further information.
Hair Family
The parents of Marcus L. Marsh lived on the western banks of the Cape Fear River. His father operated a ferry crossing. The Hair Family lived across the river.  While their land didn’t border the river, they are not very far from the river.  Margaret Ann (Maggie) 1852-1916, the oldest daughter, married Miles Gaston Hair.  My records show the Hair family was in Cumberland Co., NC by about 1812.  I have no information of this family having Native American History, but I have not researched this family.  The mentioned Hair pallbearers were sons of Maggie Marsh Hair.
We have wondered how and why Marcus went to the Panhandle of Florida.  The lore is that he was sent to Arkansas to recover from the Malaria, which our folks called Yellow Fever or Swamp Fever.
What the family said, was that Marcus and his cousin were adventurous and traveled.
Do you think the Hair Family had anything to do with Marcus making his way to Marianna/Greenwood?   (Response: Chief Yellow Hair!)
William Marsh and wife Rebecca lived in Arkansas.  Wm was the brother of Absalom, father of Marcus.  Mary, mother of Marcus was the sister of Rebecca.  This family has verified the going to Arkansas to heal story.  Except, they say William/Rebecca tried to get Absalom and Mary to relocate to Arkansas for better health environment and better opportunities.”
Cathrine Marsh Cashwell, great granddaughter of Margaret Alice Byrd Marsh and Marcus L. Marsh

Francis Osceola Martin lived with (his Aunt) Margaret Alice Byrd/Marsh & Marcus Lafayette Marsh,  after Francis Osceola’s father (Francis Marion “Frank” Martin was killed in cotton gin “because he was Indian”,  when he was only one year old, and he lived with Margaret and Marcus until he graduated school.  Note that Margaret was a school teacher.  Both Margaret and Sarah were children of John Andrew Bird/Byrd, Jr.

Also note that the pollbearers for Marcus (Margaret’s husband) included the very important McQueen and Hair (Creek Indian) family members.


This photo of Margaret Alice Byrd with the flower in her hair is assumed to be her most youthful photo.
This photo is assumed to be the last photo taken of her. No dates are known of either photo.
This photo is of Margaret Alice and Marcus Marsh after the birth of their first child, Vance Absalom Marsh born 18 May 1889 in Blum, TX. Suggest this photo was made in the fall of 1889 in Blum, TX.
This photo is what believed to be the wedding photo of Margaret Alice Byrd and Marcus Lafayette Marsh.
Coronor’s letter telling of the death of Marcus L. Marsh at Musa Isle, FL
The headstone of Marcus and Margaret Marsh final resting place is at the Cape Fear Baptist Church Cemetery, Butler Nursery Road, Fayetteville, NC surrounded by the majority of their children, many grandchildren, and some great grandchildren.
Family Records
Family Records

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