Katie Bird

Katie Bird
(daughter to John Bird (Sr)
& Lavinia Viney Martin)


Where Katie Bird was born on 22 Dec 1864 in Dellwood, FL
Location.map of Dellwood, FL

Also see: http://www.exploresouthernhistory.com/dellwood

This is where her father (John Bird)’s land was located (in Econchattee’s village).

We believe Katie Bird was buried in the Byrd family cemetery at the bottom of Lake Seminole Reservoir.  Although the Corp of Engineers  supposedly moved the graves in 1953, we have yet to confirm exactly where the graves are.

Some of the below information was provided by:
Amber Underwood, Genealogy Specialist, Libraries, Archives, and Research, Chickasaw Nation Library/Genealogy, 1003 Chamber Loop, Ada, OK 74820

—-start Katie Bird (daughter to John Bird) info—–

Dawes Final Rolls – Katie Bird – (daughter to John Bird (Sr) & Lavinia Viney Martin) Creek Roll 5795, Card 1824

John Bird family info:  http://www.jacksoncountycreeks.org/john-bird/

—-end of Katie Byrd info————–

Per a recording made of my grandfather before he died:  Ron Martin, Sr. – Indian Blood

Some of the conversation of Ron Martin, Sr.’s) recording:
“They had to eat horse feed; couldn’t have any fires that would alert the troops”  Charlie Hall was the oldest son of Allen Hall.  “Some say Charlie owned half of Alabama”.  Demps (Demsey) Hall went to OK, and came back and tried to get others to go.  They had stuck oil and had plenty of money.  Toward the end of the tape it says ‘it was because of Indian blood on my daddy’s side, the Martins”.  Grandpa said in a different recording that he has Indian blood on both sides of his family.  He also says that his Aunt Hattie said they had to hide in the Okefenokee Swamp, and that if they ever found out you were Indian, they would make you walk all the way to Oklahoma.  He advises that the Creek Indians killed John Blount (I’ve shared this audio with Chief Mary Sixwomen Blount).

I continue to seek information on the land they took and flooded to make the Woodruff Dam (where the Chattahoochee & Flint Rivers meet).  Two of our cemeteries with 31 graves of the (Martin Chapel Cemetery and the Byrd Family Cemetery) were flooded and not moved as claimed by the Corps of Engineers.  In March I plan to travel to Morrow, GA to obtain a copy of Civil Action 327 that took the land that was flooded.   John Byrd’s slaves were buried, along with him in the Byrd Cemetery, and Francis Marion (Frank) Martin is buried in the Martin Chapel Cemetery.  This area should be considered sacred.

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