John Martin Family

       John Martin and Allied Families

Our Martin ancestors came from two different Martin families.

John Martin (b. Abbeville, SC; 1st road surveyor through Creek Indian Country), and well respected by local chiefs,  and also a road surveyor of Gadsden Co):  His daughter, Laura Lavinia ‘Viney’ Martin (b.5/16/1830 Monticello, FL) married John Bird, and they had Sarah ‘Sallie’ Bird, who married Francis Marion “Frank” Martin (from Abbeville, SC). 

Noticed there is a John Martin and an Isaiah Bird in the 1816 Monroe Co, AL Census.  This is the area that the Poarch Creek inhabit.

Both Laura and Sarah married Adam McNealy and George McNealy, respectfully, after their husbands died, living on the Adam McNealy plantation with their slaves.  After their husbands died, they had to re-marry to keep their land, because women could not own land back then.

Francis Marion “Frank” (Hunt) Martin b. 7/3/1846 in Leon Co, FL):  His mom was Ann Martin (from SC); dad unknown.  He married Sarah Bird, had my great grandfather (FO Martin), and died in a cotton gin about a year later.  Sarah then married George McNealy.  Sarah’s dad is John Andrew Bird.  Sarah’s mother, Laura Lavinia Martin/Bird, married George McNealy’s dad, Adam McNealy, where they all lived with their slaves (on Adam McNealy’s plantation).

–    Captain John Martin and Mary Fain (excerpt from Fain Families of SE Georgia)

– There is a John Martin who was entitled to reservations or fee simple from the Treaty of Echota in 1835. Take a good look at the names in the list.. quite interesting.

John Martin b.1731 -rootsweb

–   General Joseph Martin, of Virginia, An Unsung Hero of the Virginia Frontier By Dr. William Allen Pusey.  Read before The Filson Club, February 3, 1936

–   GENERAL JOSEPH MARTIN A FORGOTTEN PIONEER 1740-1898     By Gordon Aronhime

–   Historical Biography Report of General Joseph Martin
by Tyler Elizabeth Surowicz

Abram Martin (1715-1771) & family – Geni

–   FOLD – Native American Records of ‘Martin’ families

– Randolph Co Georgia – Biography – Rev. John Martin 1821 – 1917

–  Martin and Allied Families.pdf   11 pages – Rufus King family

–  Caroline Lancaster Wilder Papers.pdf  25 pages

–  Henrietta Lancaster Papers.pdf

–  Mary Elizabeth Lancaster King Papers.pdf   20 pages

–  JJ Lancaster, Mary Lancaster, Adam McNealy Notes 24 pages

–  Martin Spanish Land Grants

–  Sam Martin and Sallie Martin (Mississippi Choctaws)

–  From the “Fain Families of Southwest Georgia
(be patient…. it’s over 300 pages)
–  Excerpts relating to John Martin (m. 11-16-1809) from this book

–  Abbeville, SC Records

–  1716-1783 South Carolina Colonists

–  RootsWeb – Martin

–  War Dept Papers 1784-1800 – Martin

–   General Joseph Martin In a 1789 letter to Senator William Grayson, Henry reminded his political ally that Martin had been so effective in his Indian dealings during the Revolutionary War that British agents had offered rewards to their Indian allies for Martin’s scalp.

–    Joseph Martin’s Family Tree

–  Joseph Lynch “Greenbrier Joe” Martin – Land Barron at40
At Pensacola, Joseph Lynch (Greenbriar Joe) Martin became a pros perous trader

–    Penelope Johnson Allen Cherokee Collection 1775-1878

–   Martin Martin, late private in the 1st and 6th South Carolina Regiments

–   South Carolina Archives Search  (search for John Martin Abbeville)

Battalion # 1 –
John & William Martin  30-45 yrs old
Battalion # 3
John Martin  18-30 yrs old
Battalion # 4
Joseph & John Martin – 30-45 yrs old


Joseph Lynch – Greenbriar Joe


Martin Families at
Oak City Cemetery
Bainbridge, GA – Est. 1852

More Martin (Decatur Co, GA) Allied Families 1 – Robert Page

More Martin (Decatur Co, GA) Allied Families 2 – Robert Page




Susannah Chiles Martin (1700 – 1754)

Susannah Emory Martin (1747 – )

Capt Joseph Martin, Sr (1700 – 1761)

Gen Joseph Martin (1740 – 1808)

John “Jack” Martin, Sr (1745 – 1803)

Col William Lucas Martin, Sr (1765 – 1846)

Col Joseph Martin (1785 – 1859)

Martin and Byrd Connections


Congressional Document 512 on the Emigration of Indians (search for John Martin)

Judge John Martin and John Ridge letters dtd April 26 & 27, 1832 (Congressional Docs # 512, pages 318-320

Judge John Calvin Martin (1784-1840) – A Cherokee Indian The first Chief Justice of the first Supreme Court ever instituted in the Cherokee Nation.

James Martin of Fairfield County, SC

Captain John Martin Congressional Doc 512 (see page 723, it states that John Martin was listed as the first road surveyor in Gadsden County, and surveyed the road through Creek country, and was well acquainted with the Indians, and much respected by the most important chiefs).

Simmons certifies that forty dollars is due John Martin, a private in Captain Thomas Lewis’s Company 3rd Sub Legion, being his pay from June 1795 through March 1796.

Hagner certifies that twelve dollars is due John Martin, a private in Captain Thomas Lewis’ Company 3rd Sub Legion, being his pay from April through June 1796.

Simmons certifies that $20 is due Private John Martin of Captain Thomas Lewis’s Company 3rd Sub Legion, being his pay for July through November 1796.

Within the complete listing of Alabama Indian Villages, Towns and Settlements at this site:

Martin on the Creek Census on page 320, with 2 males & 2 females in family, in the town of Ekundutske.   Page2  Page3     This town, once called ‘Ekundutske’, was later named Ikanhatki.  Ikanhatki(white ground).  A former Upper Creek town on the right bank of lower Tallapoosa River, Montgomery co., Ala., immediately below Kulumi town. Swan, who passed there in 1791, says it had been settled by Shawnee, who had 4 villages in the vicinity, and they are called by him Shawnee refugees, but Bartram (1775) states that they spoke Muscogee.  Under the name Ekundutske the village was said to contain 47 families in 1832. (A. S. G.)

John Martin lived in Abbeville, SC & Abbeville, GA
Since he was surveyor of Indian Country, it is thought that the naming of Abbeville, GA and/or Abbeville, FL in Fayette Co, FL, was his undertaking, to commemorate his birthplace of Abbeville, SC.

Abbeville County, South Carolina Geneology
Martin Martin & Other Martins in Screven Co, GA
(search for last name Martin)

John Martin & Mary Fain Children

Martin Martin, wife & Children

Martin Martin in the 1st & 6th SC Regiments

John Martin Last Will & Testament – Dec 1821

John Martin (SC Archives & History)

Francis Marion “Frank” Martin Died Sept 1880
in Cotton Gin (32 yrs old; my g. grandfather)

Laura Lavinia Martin-Byrd-Gainer is buried in Peel Cemetery, Wausau, Washington County, Florida.  Her husband Samuel Henry Gainer is also buried in this cemetery

1850 North Carolina Census Index (Martin Surname)

1779 Abbeville, SC Census (see John Martin family M635)




Tribute to Ryan Martin (son of Doug Martin)

Our cousin Ryan Martin was killed in tragic motorcycle crash when a school bus pulled out in front of him as he rode his motorcycle to work one morning. He was a firefighter and married with a small child.  He will be sorely missed.


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