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Our Allen Hall family came from Malcom John Hall from SC.  The Hall’s, Bird/Byrd’s, Martin’s, and Williford’s married into each other’s families.

Margaret (Chuna) “Rat” Williford was the daughter of Sam Williford (on Dawes Rolls).  She married Allen Hall.  Allen’s brother is James Hall (listed on the land transfer document).  Allen, Rat, & three of their children are buried at Rocky Creek 2 in SE Alabama (Houston County).

Georgia Lavina Hall (Allen & Chuna’s daughter), married Francis Osceola Martin (who is the son of Sarah Bird and Francis Marion Martin (who was killed in cotton gin in 1870).  Francis Osceola Martin was only one yr old when his dad was killed.  Francis Osceola Martin is my great grandfather.


Name Margret Hall
Age 51
Birth Date Apr 1849
Birthplace Florida
Home in 1900 Gordon, Henry, Alabama
Race White
Gender Female
Relation to Head of House Wife
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Allen Hall
Marriage Year 1866
Years Married 34
Father’s Birthplace Virginia
Mother’s Birthplace Florida
Mother: number of living children 7
Mother: How many children 10
Household Members
Name Age
Allen Hall 54
Margret Hall 51
Georgia Hall 22
Willerford Hall 18
Cleveland Hall 16
Samuel Hall 12


Sam Williford Card (father to Margaret Williford):


Margaret Chuna ‘Rat’ Williford (daughter to Sam Williford) Card:
Family History

1860 Slave Schedule for Sam Williford (lists John Blount as well).

James Hall EC#11050  (bro to Allen Hall who married Margaret Williford)


Malcom and Martha Hall, living in Marion Co, GA, had a child named Allen Hall who married Margaret (Chuna) “Rat” Williford (daughter of Sam Williford), who had a daughter named Georgia Lavinia  “Viney” Hall, who married Francis Osceola Martin (whose father was Frank Martin and was killed in a cotton gin in 1870, who had a child named Ronald Marion Martin, Sr., my grandfather, whose brother was Bruce Osceola Martin.

Per a recording made of my grandfather before he died:  Ron Martin, Sr. – Indian Blood
Some of the conversation of Ron Martin, Sr.’s) recording:
“They had to eat horse feed; couldn’t have any fires that would alert the troops”  Charlie Hall was the oldest son of Allen Hall.  “Some say Charlie owned half of Alabama”.  Demps (Demsey) Hall went to OK, and came back and tried to get others to go.  They had stuck oil and had plenty of money.  Toward the end of the tape it says ‘it was because of Indian blood on my daddy’s side, the Martins”.  Grandpa said in a different recording that he has Indian blood on both sides of his family.  He also says that his Aunt Hattie said they had to hide in the Okefenokee Swamp, and that if they ever found out you were Indian, they would make you walk all the way to Oklahoma.  He advises that the Creek Indians killed John Blount (I’ve shared this audio with Chief Mary Sixwomen Blount).

Continue to seek information on the land they took and flooded to make the Woodruff Dam (where the Chattahoochee & Flint Rivers meet).  Two of our cemeteries with 31 graves of the (Martin Chapel Cemetery and the Byrd Family Cemetery) were flooded and not moved as claimed by the Corps of Engineers.  In March I plan to travel to Morrow, GA to obtain a copy of Civil Action 327 that took the land that was flooded.   John Byrd’s slaves were buried, along with him in the Byrd Cemetery, and Francis Marion (Frank) Martin is buried in the Martin Chapel Cemetery.  This area should be considered sacred.

Allen Hall’s older brother was James Hall, who is listed in an 1833 Indian land transfer document regarding land in Marion County, GA, where his mom and did lived.

Allen Hall’s Letter of Service as Private in  Confederacy

Allen Hall 1863 Confederate Census

         From Alabama Civil War Database

Allen Hall was In the 4th Calvary
(Andrew Byrd was in the 5th Calvary)

Of One Dozen Sassers and Allied Families (including Hall)
Thomas Sasser was born ca. 1760-1775 in North Carolina. Clarisy was born ca. 1765-1770 in Georgia. Thomas and Clarisy Sasser married ca. 1790-1795, and lived in Screven County, Georgia. They had twelve children. Thomas died after December 26, 1821. Clarisy died after 1860. Descendants lived principally in Georgia and Florida.



Doctor “Doc” Hall, Dempsy, and James Hall
James Hall
Older brother to Allen Hall
(search for James Hall in this document)
James Hall was Euchee (also spelled Yuchi or Uchee)
Lived in Marion County, GA (see below census docs)
see Wikipedia Links for more on the Euchee
Doctor “Doc” Hall

Doctor “Doc” Hall and wife

Dempsey Hall
(Grandpa said they called him “Demps”)
(see the above 1850 census)
listen to grandpa’s audio about “Demps”
James Hall Land Transfer Document
Recording/report of land sales by individual Indian grantors
to Anglo Grantees
Thanks to Chief Blount and Dale Cox for an analysis of this document.  This is a page from the records of transfers of Creek reserves to white settlers following the treaty of 1832. There are several hundred pages of these.  The “Conchatti” in this document is not the Econchattimio that we know from here, it is the one near Montgomery, AL.  The U.S. Government sent Francis Scott Key (of Star-Spangled Banner fame) to investigate these transfers and confirm whether the Creeks were being defrauded of their lands by white speculators.  In some cases they were, in other cases not.  The Creek Nation at that time began at about Eufaula on the Chattahoochee River and ran north to the Tallapoosa River. As you will recall, the Treaty of Fort Jackson led separated the Creeks from the Florida border by transferring hundreds of thousands of acres to the U.S. government.  The lands just north of the Florida/Alabama line were not transferred by individual Creeks to individual whites, but instead where obtained from the Federal Land Office.

The Florida reservations (Econchattimico, Yellow Hair and John Blunt) were run under a separate agency.  Ekanachatte (“Conchatti” or “Concharti”) is a common Creek name that means “Red Ground.”  There were Red Ground bands in both central Alabama and in Florida.

The Hall mentioned may be the same individual buried at Rocky Creek Church, but the document refers to lands about 100 miles north in central Alabama.  – Thank you Dale Cox!


James Hall on the Eastern Creek Ancestors List

Ancestors of Allen Hall and Margaret (Chuna) Williford


Allen, Margaret (Chuna Williford), & Cleveland Hall Gravesite


Charlie T Hall was the son of
Allen Hall and Margaret (Chuna) ‘Rat’ Williford

James Hall in Holmes County, FL

Holmes County was created on January 8, 1848 from Jackson County and Walton County. This county was named for Holmes Creek, which forms the eastern boundary of the county.

The Holmes County Seat is located in Bonifay also, the county government website is


1850 Marion Co, GA Census (Allen Hall 6, Dempsy 1, James Hall 19) (see the info file for this census)

1850Gadsden,Calhoun&WaltonCo_CensusJohnAByrd27LavinaHall21Elizabeth3, AnnByrd54AndOtherHallsByrdsMartinsBlounts.txt

1850GadsdenCoOnly_CensusJohnAByrdLavinaHallFrank MartinandOtherHallsByrdsMartins





























Holmes County, FL Census

1885 Holmes County, FL Census

1885 Holmes County, FL Census Info

1870 Holmes County, FL Census


Household #142: Hall, Jeff???..INDIAN?34????..b. FLCatherine?.?B????.30?????FLNote: census taker instructions for 1880 stated that only people of ?predominantly Indian blood residing on known Indian reservations, or persons of unmixed Indian blood should be recorded as ?Indian.??Household #208: Hall, James??..?W????.23????.B. FLAlice????W????23?????..FLMary????W????.1??????FL

1885 Holmes County census:

Dwelling: 531?..Hall, James M????W??..25

The primary families in the Dominicker community were Hall, Thomas, Bland (white man married a Thomas), Forehand (white man married a Thomas), and Simmons, as the documentation present shows. The family name of Simmons did not marry in until quite late (after 1880). Specifically after the Simmons man (censused as a ?Mu? farm laborer in Dale Co, ALA then as ?Indian? in Washington Co, FL) came in. This individuals Simmons family connects back to the Simmons? of Sampson Co, NC.

Below are land records for Samuel B. Williford

1856LandRecordInfo2_SamuelBWilliford 1856LandRecordInfo_SamuelBWilliford SamWillifordLucindaMcNeelyLivedonLandSection36 1856LandRecord_SamuelBWilliford

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