Petition to Save the Apalachicola River – The Nation’s “Most Endangered”

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North Florida serves as a unique sanctuary for some of our nation’s most diverse ecosystems and landscapes.

But right now, resource disputes and bureaucratic mismanagement are threatening one of our most important natural treasures.

Just this week, our Apalachicola River was named the most endangered river in the United States.

Gwen is calling on leaders across our region to work together and save the Apalachicola River for generations to come. Will you sign your name and join her?

The Apalachicola River nourishes a wide array of species and serves as a crucial economic resource for fishermen and oystermen across North Florida.

There are steps we can take to save the river, but only if leaders from Florida, Georgia and Alabama work together and come to an agreement that balances our water needs with the health of our ecosystem.

So please sign your name and help Gwen save North Florida’s Apalachicola River: