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I developed and maintain for my family & others who share similar history. Our grandfather told us we were Apalachicola Creek, and from many different tribes (including Apalachicola Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Yamassee, Hitchiti, and others). He would stomp dance & loudly sing the tribes' names, in their dialects, to remember and to honor each of them. I try to collect & post hard to find historical documents to help researchers.

2017 NYC Trip

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Video: Seminole – the Unconquered – Overview of Florida Seminole history

Click here to view this very interesting video from POOF.

Note:  Oceola’s real name . . . or actually his political position . . .  was Ase Yohola.   These Muskogee words mean “Sacred Black Drink – Caller.”  In other words, he was not a mikko, but an elected leader of a regional council, whose most important responsibility was the brewing of yaupon holly leaves in to a tea that was used in ceremonies.  Today the position of Yahvla (Yahola) primarily means that this person is the Speaker of the town or tribal council.